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Evyn C. While having more macabre, early Lustmord-esq dark ambient and less of the neoclassical drone ambiance that set its predecessor apart and made it notable in its beauty in a genre that tries so hard to be grim and harsh, Dreamsphere still is an enjoyable listen, and is utterly captivating at points. Favorite track: Toward The Dark Cellar.
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Released by Cold Meat Industry 2012 - CMI207

Year :2012

Label : Cold Meat Industry

Catalogue Number : CMI 207

Distribution : Tesco Distribution

Country : Sweden

Format : 6 Panel Digipak CD

Tracks : 6

Running Time : 47 Minutes

"...'Dreamsphere' is an extremely seductive vision of a nightmare, portrayed in such a vivid manner that the lines between reality and the dreamworld become blurred, and the dreamer is lost in the dream. Its hypnotizing atmospheres, impeccable execution and production and its very original combination of diverse musical elements make this a fascinating listen. One that will not fail to engulf you in its dusty cobwebs so that before you know it, you will be enthralled..."

Santa Sangre Magazine


released March 15, 2012



all rights reserved


Dahlia's Tear Sweden

Dark Ambient / Industrial act from Sweden. Currently runs on the label Cold Meat Industry

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Track Name: Entrance To Dreamsphere
I lie under the dark cover of night
My body caressed by your fingers of faint light
Bathed in your kisses of sweet dew
Dreaming in your earthen scent
Passion abides by no rules
It knows no bounds
Yet by the onyx sky it is subdued
Still the whisper of your touch caused the sky to relent
For passion and sense the stars and storm duels
As the breath of wind cools my skin
By your shadow I’m bound
Blackness deepens as the stars surrender to your mercy
A tempest rages across the sky driven by pitching desire
Lighting-flashes slow the movement, silhouettes your form
Illuminating the need to savor every sight
Then leaving the wont of fevered touch
Thunder’s raspy growl claims the victory
As desire rains torrent to sate the fires
Conscience and thought are torn
Raw explosions undo the heart much
A pale moon reveals a sad new story
Every dusk a prayer for the rain to bring my darkest night